Watch John Oliver grill Dustin Hoffman about sexual harassment allegations


  • Rajen Panikkar
    Rajen Panikkar Час назад

    So oliver you have no skeletons in ur closet. Carrying out a kangaroo court as sole judge and jury. Dumb English prat. If u pulled ur shit in Oz or NZ we woud kick ur fat ugly nerd face arse all the way back to backward Engerland

  • Sarah Weller
    Sarah Weller Час назад

    Get 'em, John.

  • Patrick Chole
    Patrick Chole Час назад

    The BALLS on Oliver. (Slow clap).

  • Black Mamba
    Black Mamba 2 hour ago

    Well, you've finally able to immasculate the white male in America. Congratulations liberal media. Accusations now equal guilt, because it takes such "courage" for "victims" report these things - that they have to be true. Trial by media. "He hit on me..." "He made unwanted sexual advances..." "He invited me to go up to his hotel room..." OMG, the earth is going to spin off its fucking axis.

  • lsaifu12
    lsaifu12 3 hour ago

    dustin hoffman may or may not be a pig, but john oliver is definitely a bandwagon faggot trying to gain brownie points

  • Dubious Fizzgig
    Dubious Fizzgig 4 hour ago

    "...and you've given no evidence to show that it didn't happen..."
    Tell me, how does one prove that they didn't harass someone 20 years ago? What about the burden of proving it did happen?
    Oh, I forgot to listen and believe.

  • JacksonPolyp
    JacksonPolyp 4 hour ago

    John Oliver raped me.

  • Andy Raman
    Andy Raman 5 hour ago

    Need subs

  • Tyler
    Tyler 5 hour ago

    Not sure what the point of the whole thing was supposed to be, as asking Hoffman such questions in a public forum was more likely to make him shut down instead of having any in depth discussion on the matter.

  • Kat Rat
    Kat Rat 5 hour ago

    Oliver, you are so amazing and strong in your conviction. You are inspiring me.

  • Mark Lewandowski
    Mark Lewandowski 6 hour ago

    Thank you, John! Bravo for not backing down.
    And for all the people saying "this is not the place to tall about this. You shouldn't have done this publicly" you are all part of the problem and entirely missing the point. All of this was addressed behind the scenes for decades, and by "addressed" I mean hushed up and buried, which allowed the problem to fester and spread. Now Hollywood and society more broadly (roy Moore anyone?) is facing a massive infection that needs to be painfully exposed and excised.
    Bravo, John! Stay strong. And keep your conscience at the fore.

  • Dagoalberto Carmona
    Dagoalberto Carmona 6 hour ago

    "It doesn't seem self reflective...she has no reason to lie." Oliver commits the crucial error passionate people in both political spectrums do. He speaks on behalf of others' mindset, intent, and inner dialogue. If it turns out the aligations against Hoffmann hold true, then yes, the situation must be handled to remedy a very terrible wrong. However, this age of "I'm enlightened and speaking on a victim's behalf while downplaying your defense as being defensive," is very destructive to what many years of critical thinking has brought to modern day debate and lawful trials.

  • Colt Ham
    Colt Ham 7 hour ago

    John Oliver is being a prick. 40 years later this comes up? Give me a break.

  • jude
    jude 7 hour ago

    shouldn’t it be innocent proven guilty here? of course those women had a reason to lie: 10 seconds of fame. also the reason they waited 40 years is so it could be lined up with all the other scandals in hollywood. why is it just assumed that he’s the bad guy goddamn

  • Robgoren
    Robgoren 7 hour ago +1

    I work in receiving and merchandising at a major retailer, and yesterday 5 women were carrying on ad nauseum about penis size and anal sex. According to Oliver, I've just been assaulted and harrassed. Maybe I should file a complaint with human resources ... but wait -- oh, yeah, I'm not a total pussy hellbent on ruining people to make myself feel special, so maybe I'll just get on with my life.

  • Andrew Farrow
    Andrew Farrow 7 hour ago

    I like John Oliver makes me proud to be British

  • Baron J Phellington Esq

    'Maybe you shouldn't have brought this up..'
    *Well Dustin, maybe YOU should have kept YOUR filthy mitts to YOURSELF*

  • bevilhive
    bevilhive 8 hour ago

    nothing but a groveling confession will do for the self appointed Grand Inquisitor.

  • Rachel Chang
    Rachel Chang 9 hour ago

    Fucking love John Oliver

  • S D
    S D 10 hour ago

    John Oliver says "I believe in what I'm reading because what reason does she have to lie". Just because one cannot come up with a reason doesn't mean the reason doesn't exist. John's presenting himself as holier than the pope. I wonder how many skeletons he's hiding in the closet. This clip is one of such skeletons: attacking a man without proper facts and participating in a collective witch hunt.

  • Melinda Green
    Melinda Green 10 hour ago

    For the record, any apology that begins with "If I offended anyone" is not an apology at all. Hoffman is right that that one little word makes all the difference. He's just drawing the wrong conclusion. If you want to apologize, then say "I'm sorry that I offended you". If you can't even take their word that they felt offended, then simply don't try to apologize.

  • Denise Coelho
    Denise Coelho 10 hour ago

    Thank you John

  • Phantasy Star
    Phantasy Star 11 hour ago

    I love how the second you talk shit Oliver calls you right out.

  • Cl1che_ Asylum Dwellers

    I like how he tries and brings something up as if not watching a documentary is PROOF he didn't do something lol.

  • Thomas
    Thomas 11 hour ago

    You know we really love UN a funny time now. I posted a comment about being 'tired of legacy accusations' and I got fairly well berated for it. I meant that a woman coming out after 40 years and saying the he slapped her ass...well she needs to be locked up. She is a disgrace to the real victims.

  • Christopher Whitman
    Christopher Whitman 11 hour ago

    John Oliver is a left wing nut job.

  • Donovan Brothen
    Donovan Brothen 12 hour ago

    As if this is the venue to discuss those kinds of things. Oliver is just looking for a headline with his name in it. Asshole.

  • snakesandsticks
    snakesandsticks 13 hour ago

    Serious question- are you allowed to do something regrettable once in your life, acknowledge it, show contrition, apologize, and be forgiven? Not condoning the behavior- it should be called out, deemed unacceptable, and perpetrators held accountable. But lest they be subjected to the kangaroo court of public opinion, let’s realize that Dustin Hoffman and Al Franken are not Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump.

  • Aditya Narayan
    Aditya Narayan 13 hour ago

    I hate that this has become a gender specific issue. We have to tackle people abusing their power. Not men abusing women or vice versa. The moment you take gender out of it, the media will lose incentive and we can have an honest debate.

  • Ram Thimothy
    Ram Thimothy 14 hour ago

    Truth to power

  • John Smith
    John Smith 14 hour ago

    John Oliver is a pedophile. He must admit it or prove he isn't.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 15 hour ago

    Anyone who moralizes as hard as John Oliver does is hiding something.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 15 hour ago

    John Oliver is a douche bag elitist leftist evil moron sack of

  • Whofan06
    Whofan06 15 hour ago

    I feel like one can learn a lot from John Oliver about how to have a nuanced conversation. He always gives credit where credit is due and admits his own shortcomings in his view, all while still delivering very powerful truths and opinions of his own. Like that is how you genuinely have a conversation with someone you disgree with, not to mention letting the other person speak and utterly destroy themselves with their own words. Hoffman has to realize he's using the exact same tired old excuses every one else does? He's even going down the list "it was 40 years ago, it was a different time; she didnt bring it up for 40 years; i didnt even know she was 17; we were all comfortable with each other and i assumed" etc. I mean even if any of that was completely true--which i would find generous--it all comes down to one thing: It's an explanation, NOT an excuse!

  • Modest Millennial
    Modest Millennial 16 hour ago

    John Oliver is the true MVP

  • Jordanmode
    Jordanmode 17 hour ago +2

    John Oliver is the hero we need.

    KCLMNOPQUEBEC 18 hour ago

    C'était une histoire d'amour ?  Une revange ?  vite-vite-vite avant que les rumeurt parte, apres cest fini, le monde te veulent du mal, VITE S.O.S PAS LE TEMPS DE NIAISER AVEC CA!!! PAS DE TEMPS A PERDRE. REGLER TOUTE EN 24 HEURES. VITE un des deux est coupable de VIOL. violer ou faussement accuser de viol. LES DEUX CEST PAREIL. TROUVER LE VIOLEUR. DETECTEUR DE MENSONGE. OUBLIER LES AVOCATS ET JUGES pour l instant. DETECTEURS DE MENSONGE AU POSTE DE POLICE. FACE-A-FACE pendant des heures, sortir toute la verite, UN DES DEUX DOIT ALLER POURIR EN PRISON. LA MENTEUSE OU LE VIOLEUR. ETRE FAUSSEMENT ACCUSER CELA DETRUIT TOUTE TA VIE. VITE VITE PAS DE TEMPS A PERDRE. DETECTEUR DE MENTEUR SPVM.02 TROUVER LE VRAI VIOLEUR ?  Violeuse ?

  • BunnyMan456
    BunnyMan456 18 hour ago

    WWD has a much better video. This shuffles things around and omits important pieces of the conversation.

  • Joseph Colunga
    Joseph Colunga 18 hour ago

    Not a good thing there’s people out there not just children that are real victims but the popular thing right now is grown adults years later trying to sue and make money of celebrities because Hannibal Burress inspired a past “raped” bill Cosby victims bullshit. Just people trying to make money they’re not victims

  • jefman36
    jefman36 19 hour ago

    John Oliver is an asshole. He’s not even an American yet think he has the right to pontificate on everything going on in our country. He should be worrying more about his own country and go the hell home. Fuck him. Let’s hope he ends up like Piers Morgan

  • jefman36
    jefman36 19 hour ago

    This was the culture back then. Was it right? No. I’m not excusing Dustin Hoffman but I don’t think he’s any kind of rapist. He’s a man and men want sex. Would he behave the same way today in this you looked at me that’s sexual harassment culture? Doubtful. He’s certainly no Harvey Weinstein cut the guy some slack for being human.

  • spf5Ø
    spf5Ø 19 hour ago

    blindsiding Hoffman about this seems incredibly tacky. even if he's guilty it just seems like a real shithead approach. oliver is the worst. his fans are retarded normies.

  • paul mac
    paul mac 20 hour ago

    this 4 eyed pile of dog shit needs to go back to the shit hole he came from and report on how many homeless winos have dumped their cum up his queens fat ass hole and show us a photo of johnny sucking all that sperm from her fat ass with a straw

  • SpaceHawk13
    SpaceHawk13 20 hour ago

    Meanwhile Trump continues to rape the entire country.

  • Mic Solmic
    Mic Solmic 20 hour ago +1

    Being a good actor doesn't give you the right to abuse others. These rich white men think they are untouchable

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze 21 hour ago

    Is there actual proof of his guilt? Be care full what you say and do now people in 40 years time if the snowflake Nazi liberals change shit, they be coming after you. Plus Thank you John Oliver, sanctimonious self righteous rich cunts like you helped Brexit and trump to win, so thank you four eyed twat.

  • Chaos Miner
    Chaos Miner 21 hour ago

    Man what would women do without the shining white knight John Oliver

  • Sujith Madhavan
    Sujith Madhavan 22 hour ago

    De Niro be like "Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner.”

  • Saturday Projects
    Saturday Projects 23 hour ago +1

    Who, shme?

  • Ashley Rodriguez
    Ashley Rodriguez 23 hour ago

    John Oliver is my hero. He pulls no punches, but remains civil.

  • Joshua Bailey
    Joshua Bailey days ago

    Oofh... this is hard to watch.

  • Kayla B
    Kayla B days ago

    (I usually agree with Oliver and in general I believe victims) but stuff like this undermines the much worse experiences people have gone through, molesting children, grabbing people by their crotch, rape, assault, sex trades should be given its proper due and punishment, but an inappropriate comment/advance made 20-50 yrs ago undermines the real victims. And journalists really should be vetting every single allegation they get because this pattern doesn't seem to be a coincidence. I equate these stories to people who relive their trauma of certain events in history and turn out to be frauds, people don't know what to believe and then go back to not believing the victim even more so than before.

  • mendali
    mendali days ago

    Anyone else tired of men feeling like when *they* feel comfortable, everyone around them must also feel comfortable?

  • Curtis Densmore
    Curtis Densmore days ago

    I can't understand a word

  • Prasert85
    Prasert85 days ago

    This woman making this accusation is now a grandmother. She just had to speak out, right? 32 years later!! Give me a break’ this woman is my age. I remember very well back then how women were very cautious about sexual predators, rapists etc. I remember female classmates of mine giving public speaking speeches about this kind of misconduct. I don’t doubt for a second this woman encouraged this behavior from Dustin and then responded in kind!! Now all these years later she has stuck some guilty nerve in herself or regret that she was a willing participant and now she wants to convince herself she was a victim. This is total crap!!! You know what lady? You should have done something immediately, not 32 years later!!!! You should have told somebody if it tormented you so much!!

  • bmw_bri_328i
    bmw_bri_328i days ago

    Yeh, John Oliver you're the fucking messiah!

  • cy43rguru
    cy43rguru days ago

    First off, YouTube comments suck as always... This is not a left or right problem, if you have anyone whos female in your life, you should be concerned, different times don't make a wrong right.I prefer the outright sexist just like the outright racist, he/she has no idea why they're wrong, it's the f*cking in betweens, who'll give lip service knowing they're wrong but still do it.Congrats John, you've gone up 2-3 notches in my respect for you..

  • yellowteeth
    yellowteeth days ago

    the 70s and 80s, sex drugs and rock n roll, free love movement, show business, movie star power, playboy era - before 40 years of gender equality progress. Who is really surprised? Even the least predatory of celebrities from that time had done some kind of gesture or something we consider sexual harassment now but wasnt considered then, and some of them had done much worse for sure. Women werent as empowered 40 years ago and therefor consent was a bigger grey area. Just to keep things in context. Obviously its wrong and horrible for anyone to be sexually harassed/abused now or in anytime in history, and Hoffman should be accountable even in a public setting like that if the allegations are true. John Oliver has the right to ask being a voice of progressive pop culture and the conversation needs to be had, but he doesnt have the right to be judge jury and executioner.

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle days ago

    John Oliver will, undoubtedly, be copping some flak for mentioning this at a post-screening Q&A for Wag the Dog (which, like Broadcast News, has dated terribly).
    And it's true that such an occasion might not be the best place to bring it up.
    But _where is_ that place?
    Oliver said he asked Hoffman the questions around behaviour on the set of Death of a Salesman because he imagined himself at home after the event asking himself why he didn't he bring it up. And yes, it's worth asking. Worth answering too.

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle days ago

    I'm not tired of legacy allegations, per se. I'm tired of the false equivalencies created in their wake, I'm tired of people losing their jobs because they put their hand on a waist in a group photo and I'm REALLY tired of the fact that a guy like Al Franken, who owned what he did, denied what he did do and resigned while an aspiring senator is lying his ass off about molesting teenage girls...and a president who is allowed to skate on by. The stuff he admitted to is worse than many of the actions which have killed careers.

  • Jeffrey Corbin
    Jeffrey Corbin days ago

    Gotta love ass these libtard perv apologist. You're so quick to impeach Trump over allegations but someone raises allegations with proof against one of your own and you all sing a different tune all of a sudden. Get fucked you snowflakes.

  • 85748Nate
    85748Nate days ago

    How is someone supposed to "show evidence that it didn't happen?" I don't know if Hoffman is guilty, but I do know Oliver is an idiot.

  • Anna Woodcock
    Anna Woodcock days ago

    Dustin said it was not who he is today, he has matured a lot and I believe he is not the same man he was 40 years ago and good for him for owning it.

  • Kris C
    Kris C days ago

    Not all men are predators. Just like not all women are sane. No one in the United States of America is required to give any evidence based solely on an accusation. That's why 99 percent of these "accusations" never make it to court.

  • Jim Bananoid
    Jim Bananoid days ago

    Haha some guys in the comments are so confused. A liberal TV show host calls out a Hollywood actor who happens to be jewish! A nightmare for everyone wants to make it about politics! Fox News, tell me what to make of this!
    Seriously, I respect both of them for their achievements, but one has done something wrong and the other is doing his job. That's what's happening.

  • Jim Bananoid
    Jim Bananoid days ago

    Of course I am tired of hearing these stories. But that's not the fault of those who make the allegations. The media have a responsability to keep up with what's happening and inform the public, in a non-sensationalist fashion. What makes this so annoying is that these news appear to come in a neverending stream, as if this was somehow "sexual misconduct season". I believe that most of the allegations are true. True stories deserve better than 2017.

  • Julian Garrett
    Julian Garrett days ago

    I love John Oliver - I religiously watch Last Week Tonight but he's wrong here. He wanted a response that suited John Oliver, not the context, not with any allowance for the sort of things that Dustin and others (and let's be clear it was pinching someone's butt) have said was commonplace back then. Wrong yes, understandable given the context maybe, worthy of a witch hunt that will haunt the guy forever - absolutely no Goddamn way. You're wrong on this John - wrong. Wrong in approach. Wrong in context. Wrong in target - given the Weinstein saga parallels are instantly going to be drawn and wrong in content. Maybe he was a bit grubby, grabby or however you want to frame it, but he pinched a butt. You want to destroy a guy over that?

    REBELLIONETTE days ago

    I don't see why he should have to explain himself for some incident that allegedly happened over 30 years ago....Complete horseshit....More sjw bullshit from some specky limey Cunt!

  • citic101
    citic101 days ago


  • Noah Riot
    Noah Riot days ago

    I'm sorry, but anyone that is falling for john olver's act is not using their brain. He supposedly groped a woman 40 years ago. Context is key. He put his arm on her shoulder to be friendly, when she was upset. You also got to realize that the character that she played was intimate with his character. She sat on his lap and kissed him in the movie, and you are worried about a shoulder tap?? There is an agenda to falsely accuse men of sexual harassment in the media. They want to make it sound like rape, so they can blacklist you and ruin your career. You point a finger without evidence, and that's it?? The media and public opinion is not a court. Get real... Also John Oliver is owned and controlled by the media. He was told to say these things. Even his show misinforms you. Nobody questions him, because he mixes it with humor. John Oliver is a corporate puppet.

  • B Nelso
    B Nelso days ago

    Now "Kramer VS. Kramer" (rare great movie from Hollywood's long  junk era of the 1970's to today) will never seem fun again!

  • Disco/Secret
    Disco/Secret days ago

    People who claim to be journalists, should take note. John Oliver is better, at this, than any “pro”, currently on air.

  • Sophia Dani
    Sophia Dani days ago

    I haven't seen Dustin Hoffman act this retarded since...

  • Juan
    Juan days ago

    First when hearing about it, I had the impression Dustin was a creep, but since he seemed remarkably not nervous to have this conversation, I kinda am reconsidering this impression. But we'll probably never really know, since we don't have a time machine to see with our eyes what happened.

  • Queen Alice Kingsley

    Most of us females, and men too, have gone through all our lives dealing with many degrees of harassment, my question is, are people like Oliver riding the coat tails of our pain by getting popularity by doing these call outs like this, or actually helping in some way? The jury is still out for me, if there is a positive change and my daughter's and Grandaughters never have to go through what I did from all this coming out now and we can keep making awareness and changes then PASS THE BUTTER GRAMMA I'M READY!!!!!

  • Akhil Sindher
    Akhil Sindher days ago

    You couldn't cut the tension in that room with a knife.

  • love status sanju rai

    Hi ji

  • shaun nguyen
    shaun nguyen days ago

    This is tough because it was a very different time and some despicable behaviors were accepted as part of the culture. That does not make it never should have been an accepted part of the hollywood culture but it was.
    I believe its a little like slavery or the civil rights movement of the 60s....those things SHOULD HAVE NEVER been a reality in our culture....but they were. So, to go back now and hold someone accountable for something awful they did in a different time and setting seems a bit unfair. It was a long time ago and he may have learned from his stupidity. To vilify him for it now seems...well...unfair.
    I would hate to be judged now for all the stupid things that I did in my youth...that I have learned from. If he did this yesterday I would certainly feel differently about it...but it was 32 years ago in a different climate.

  • jake jordon
    jake jordon days ago +3

    All. Hail. And. Long. Live. John. Oliver.

  • brownvirtue
    brownvirtue days ago

    I'm not saying that each of them is telling the truth but don't dismiss them just because they waited to speak up.
    There are plenty of reasons people stay quiet. They think that no one will believe them or that no one will care or that people will blame them. And they are right. Whether they say something right away or 40 years later doesn't matter. I was raped in college. I immediately reported it to the police and the university. The guy didn't even deny it. Still, he was never prosecuted and he was never disciplined by the school. I even warned a girl he was dating but she stayed with him. Eventually I dropped out that semester because I started having panic attacks. I don't regret my decision but I understand choosing not to come forward. Most people won't believe you unless others say the same thing happened to them. As we currently see, even that won't necessarily help.

  • peef zingus
    peef zingus days ago +1

    Let’s stop with the “allegations” garbage. Please listen to Dustin Hoffman’s response to these questions. He admits that he touched Anna Graham Hunter in a way that made her uncomfortable; now it’s Hoffman’s turn to be uncomfortable. It’s time we move past calling abusers out when it’s convenient and comfortable for them—when they can hide behind a publicist and issue a response in which they use circumstantial language, like “If I” or “that’s not me now” to E News. If we are actually going to have a “cultural shift,” a shit we desperately need, then we must move beyond this notion that it’s only sometimes okay to confront abusers. We say things like, “Please stop, John. Cant you see you’re making him uncomfortable?” What about Anna Graham Hunter’s comfortability? We need to stop expecting survivors of abuse to come forward and speak up, but not ask the same of the people who violated them. The fact that so many people are angry at John for “calling Dustin out” points to the current cultural climate in which we live, a culture that continues to sympathize with abusers and fails the real victims.

  • Justin McNeil
    Justin McNeil days ago +1

    now i don't know the whole story (this is the first i'm hearing of it) so i'm not saying Dustin Hoffman is guilty or not, but i would like to ask a question on these types of situations as a whole, rather than focus on this one case.
    I'm just curious on how one gives evidence that something didn't happen? certainly this mentality _is_ fantastic when it comes to dealing with guilty people, because they need to be held accountable and punished. however, what happens when we entertain the possibility that someone innocent may be accused one day? i feel sorry for the person who has to provide evidence that something didn't happen, especially if the false incident is said to have happened many years ago.

  • vwr32jeep
    vwr32jeep days ago

    Men don’t need to change. Women do. Stop waiting 30 years to come forward.

  • Gumshoe Beaumont
    Gumshoe Beaumont days ago

    What people don't realize is that 90% of Hollywood actresses knew the rules before getting into the game, and were willing to play that game in order to achieve the fame and fortune they so desperately desired. Think about it. You have a room full of women who all have some talents in the "acting" world, and subject to a few requirements, most of them can play the part. The 2 distinguishing requirements to get the job would be their cost and their looks. Those that would work for less due to their lack of "good looks" would be first and foremost to get Weinstein’d in a bathroom or a couch, and would be more than willing to do so. Some of the more successful ones that are not very attractive, like Meryl Streep, have consumed more dick than hot lunches to get those parts, but other hotties like Michelle Pfeiffer only had to get face-jizzed a few times, but she still did it. It’s only the ones that never achieved success that are making all the noise, and they’re pissed that they were nothing more than SPU’s ( sperm containment units) and now they want some money.

  • Carlos M Brambila

    “It’s difficult to ask that question... you weren’t there...” I can’t get Kenan’s impression of Whoopi out of my head

  • realgena1
    realgena1 days ago +1

    Thank you, John. You can tell Hoffman hasn’t changed one bit!

  • titaniumslug
    titaniumslug days ago

    Look at Olivers grin. What a fucking weasel, trying to throw someone under the bus for somthing the MIGHT have done in the 80's. unbelievable! You were't there. Keep your nose out.

  • Chocolate Tastes Like Chocolate

    Lost all respect for John Oliver can't wait until someone accuses him of the same Dustin Hoffman and continue to do so! This was a cheap publicity stunt by Oliver harassing an octogenarian in front everyone... Delighted that Hoffman didn't back down! Innocent until PROVEN guilty and his explanation sounded more then acceptable to me... Also the accusers motive is simple she was paid for what she wrote!

  • Honeyydo
    Honeyydo days ago

    Get him, John Oliver

  • Smash Mouth
    Smash Mouth days ago

    Another hook nosed JEW involved in disgusting predatory sex! Usually JEWS are in the news because they have created some kind of illegal financial scheme that has Jewed people out millions and billions of dollars. Some blessing they are to the world..

  • CMcL
    CMcL days ago +1

    Sexual assault is sexual assault no matter if it happened 40 years ago or 40 minutes ago, but i think we are judging people who committed these acts by todays attitudes and standards and not the attitudes and standards of 40 years ago.
    I liken it to the UK's attitude towards firearms. 40 years ago, every high street in the UK had sports shops selling semi-automatic rifles and handguns and no one batted an eyelid. Today, you need to jump through 101 hoops to get a firearms licence and even showing support for gun rights in the UK is viewed with disdain by the majority and people who actually own firearms are seen as a bit weird.
    40 years ago, calling a black person the "N" word was a normal part of speech when describing a black person. The police didn't take gay bashing seriously. They didn't take wife beating seriously. People regularly used to drink and drive. Wearing your seat belt was seen as weak. Having a child out of wedlock was frowned upon.
    The point is, attitudes change over time, and we need to remember how society was 40 years ago when we decide that we are going to cast judgement on people.

  • FunkySeeFunkyDo
    FunkySeeFunkyDo days ago +1

    At the risk of incurring the wrath of SJWs and neo feminists everywhere, I’m sorry but he’s not trying to excuse his actions by saying it happened in a different age - he’s merely putting them into context. Oliver wasn’t there, and come across as a posturing, sanctimonious dick tbh

  • signupwith
    signupwith days ago

    “Because there's no point in her lying.” what kinda argument is that?!! fetishizing women to the extend that they are cable of lying??

  • Laverne Blaszczyk

    John Oliver's got some big fucking English balls!!! And of course all oldschool celebrities were pigs, Dustin handled him as well as he could have I guess

  • Vitoria R
    Vitoria R days ago

    I love john oliver for reasons like this.

  • Marek Astro
    Marek Astro days ago

    The first human was female. Our mitochondrial DNA is derived solely from our mother. Men are, genetically speaking, modified women. Let that shit sink in.

  • ProjectFlashlight612

    Filmed in glorious Super VHS!!! It's not over exposed, by the way...your eyes are just fucked up. Hoffman's squirming under pressure is unpleasant to witness, but: let justice be done though the heavens fall.

  • NIJ V
    NIJ V 2 days ago

    The thing is Hoffman didn't deny anything. He just apologised for what he "might have done". That is admitting it. Groping is still sexual harassment. Doesn't matter if it wasn't seen the same way 30 years ago.

  • Gracie C.
    Gracie C. 2 days ago

    Dustin Hoffman just demonstrated what he did that was upsetting to one women to a second woman. It doesn't matter if it's a poke or a brush. Be self aware enough to not repeat it, even in demonstration. When you make light and demonstrating like that you might as well be belittling and mocking the victim. It's not a huge thing but it really shows how little respect and empathy you have for the situation when you're will to mock the person trying to tell you how they were wronged. If you don't want to look like a guilty POS try demonstrating that you are paying attention

  • ja maguire
    ja maguire 2 days ago

    Apparently none of these alleged cinephiles have ever seen Rashomon (1950).