Who's the Best Kisser? - Lineup


  • Dark Chocolate KingPin
    Dark Chocolate KingPin 25 minutes ago

    What’s the Instagram of the girl in the adidas pants?

  • PrototypeGames c
    PrototypeGames c Час назад

    The guy in the beige shirt 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👏👏 bravo

  • Taeyeons Jawline & GDragons Cigarette

    what if one of them have hiv?

  • Frenchie Wolf
    Frenchie Wolf 2 hour ago +1

    What type of bati mon ting is this

  • Khaira Love
    Khaira Love 2 hour ago

    Black top blue jean girl really so sexy. 😍😍😍

  • juan castellanos
    juan castellanos 2 hour ago

    Bruh if a guy kissed me he would've gotten slumped

  • Jerry Rodriguez
    Jerry Rodriguez 2 hour ago

    okay wtf this some sus shit

  • Lulú De Blas
    Lulú De Blas 2 hour ago

    This was kinda uncomfortable i was like screaming the whole video

  • Janet Wilkinson
    Janet Wilkinson 2 hour ago

    I’m feeling very uncomfortable the noise was grossing me out the awkward silence this was just cringy 😭😭😭

  • Lord Potato
    Lord Potato 3 hour ago

    I would be the guy holding my lip there, not even kissing, then I would giggle.

  • Zamil Ahmed
    Zamil Ahmed 3 hour ago

    A lot of stds were transferred during this video

  • Ty Trigga
    Ty Trigga 3 hour ago

    number one1 is the winner for me hahahah lol

  • Vashpe Vashpevich
    Vashpe Vashpevich 3 hour ago

    As soon as he said to the straight guy, that he will kiss some other guys, I turned the video off...

  • andrew fudge
    andrew fudge 4 hour ago +1

    I want to be in there

  • Kelly_Ortega
    Kelly_Ortega 4 hour ago

    does anyone know the name of the song at the end??

  • Trudy Nguyen
    Trudy Nguyen 4 hour ago

    So I am supposed to study for finals and here I am watching strangers making out fml

  • Tıαnα ιѕ Aωєѕoмє

    The guy with the black sweatshirt is so stiff it makes me so uncomfortable

  • SqweekTime
    SqweekTime 5 hour ago

    Were any of the kissers actually gay tho? Like you need to be a gay man to know how to kiss a guy.....

  • 1TonCat
    1TonCat 5 hour ago

    Another great vid! You guys gotta come out to the East Coast 😄

  • Lys M
    Lys M 6 hour ago

    Do one w a bunch of adults and a bunch of younger ppl and then they have to be matched up by someone else based on who they think are parents and their respective children

  • Haley
    Haley 6 hour ago

    The guy with the polka dot shirt is so cute I love when he’s included in the videos :)

  • Genelle Campbell
    Genelle Campbell 6 hour ago

    That was awesome and hilarious!

  • dead dreams and stale memes

    You can tell which guys in the line are straight it’s hilarious

  • TheSlothGaming
    TheSlothGaming 6 hour ago

    Anyone else get the pay to win i mean battlefront 2 trailer

  • Chrid Russell
    Chrid Russell 6 hour ago

    That blacc nigga gay

  • SSG Rezi
    SSG Rezi 6 hour ago

    Yeah.... let me slid this bad boy back in my pants for another video...

  • Angel Calderon
    Angel Calderon 6 hour ago


  • Issa Panda
    Issa Panda 7 hour ago

    Everyone clear their search history

  • quinn murphy
    quinn murphy 7 hour ago

    As an advice to all guys, one of the hottest things is when a guy is comfortable in his sexuality and masculinity. No that doesn't mean you have to act feminine or gay but being comfortable with gay guys, and being close with men, and doing feminine things is really attractive

  • Brian Harvey
    Brian Harvey 7 hour ago

    That black dude gay🤔

  • Gissell Soto
    Gissell Soto 7 hour ago

    Guys kissing was pretty hot

  • Morgan Gevens
    Morgan Gevens 7 hour ago

    2:45 that booty though

  • no way Rosé
    no way Rosé 7 hour ago +1

    Holy I’m straight

  • sugar plum
    sugar plum 8 hour ago

    Disgusting but halarious

  • sugar plum
    sugar plum 8 hour ago

    I would have thrown up yuuck it's funny th

  • sugar plum
    sugar plum 8 hour ago


  • Rayz Days
    Rayz Days 8 hour ago

    I ship Madison & Kevin ❤

  • thea_derpy_doo
    thea_derpy_doo 8 hour ago

    Lol no touching of the 🅿️ ENℹ️S

  • Abiona Howard
    Abiona Howard 8 hour ago

    this is hard to watch but this is so funny

  • Paigethedinosur Howelter

    Sooo many germs being switched....

  • Shane Matthew
    Shane Matthew 9 hour ago

    I would love to see another one of these kissing blindfold challenge. With new people. Great content! Like if you agree

  • Niall Horan
    Niall Horan 9 hour ago

    I love how uncomfortable this is CUT really done did it

  • Nils Rath
    Nils Rath 9 hour ago

    Omg those guys

  • Genesis Reynoso
    Genesis Reynoso 9 hour ago

    "No touching of the penis" 😂😂😂

  • Rome Palozo
    Rome Palozo 10 hour ago

    Who else skips when a man was going to kiss another man?😂

  • aprilblenk
    aprilblenk 10 hour ago

    There's no way I could do this.

  • Nicolas Martinez
    Nicolas Martinez 10 hour ago +1

    You guys realize this is just softcore porn, right?

  • Andrew Link
    Andrew Link 10 hour ago


  • elloelloella
    elloelloella 10 hour ago

    I’m so single

  • General Teemo
    General Teemo 10 hour ago

    Legend's say the black guy never stop kissing

  • DogFireBlaze
    DogFireBlaze 10 hour ago

    Madison was pretty... Lit :)

  • Derpy Burger
    Derpy Burger 10 hour ago +1

    who that girl with black shirt whats her ig

  • Allison Henson
    Allison Henson 11 hour ago

    “No touching of the penis”

  • Riley Blackthorne
    Riley Blackthorne 11 hour ago

    NO touching oF tHe PeNiS

  • Brendon Savanouthai
    Brendon Savanouthai 11 hour ago

    That was so hard to watch...

  • Zero Hero
    Zero Hero 11 hour ago +1

    In a nutshell, this channel is YouTube safe porn.

  • Haylie
    Haylie 11 hour ago

    I’m so uncomfortable but I kinda liked it

  • Foxly Kun
    Foxly Kun 12 hour ago


  • Nancy Figueroa
    Nancy Figueroa 12 hour ago

    The guy that said “I’m comfortable with my sexuality man we can catch a beer later” that is a whole man and I want a man like that!! A man or a person who knows what they’re sexuality is and is not afraid to do things as such, admirable!!!

  • Jess Venegas
    Jess Venegas 12 hour ago

    All I thought about was herpes

  • LaTripper
    LaTripper 13 hour ago

    Her head wiggle at 6:05! Lmao that would have been me too

  • Marcua Los
    Marcua Los 13 hour ago

    you can tell the last guy is straight

  • Evalyn Braybrook
    Evalyn Braybrook 13 hour ago

    Yep. Just confirmed I’m demisexual 😂😂

  • Wizzo
    Wizzo 13 hour ago

    These niggas dyin of awkwardness rn

  • Sammy P
    Sammy P 13 hour ago

    I had to pause this video so many times.

  • Sammy P
    Sammy P 13 hour ago

    “I am definitely straight. That’s definitely a guy.” Lmaooooo

  • Lina Horn
    Lina Horn 14 hour ago

    lol if it was me i would've taken off my blindfold and just been like "who cares who was the best kisser that asian guy is hella cute he wins"

  • Ashlee Anokwuru
    Ashlee Anokwuru 14 hour ago

    Uncomfortable and funny as hell 😂😂😂

  • #tober tags
    #tober tags 14 hour ago

    the asian guy,,,, wooooo

  • Boran Verstraete
    Boran Verstraete 15 hour ago +1

    maybe they are gonna have herpes now

  • Boran Verstraete
    Boran Verstraete 15 hour ago +2

    this made me so uncomfortable haha. I wanna do that too tho

  • diz gurl
    diz gurl 16 hour ago

    Lmfao *NO touching of the penis*

  • Sandy Turcotte
    Sandy Turcotte 16 hour ago

    Wait they got people to do this

  • Rednose93
    Rednose93 17 hour ago

    H for herpes

  • Kurruchi
    Kurruchi 17 hour ago

    Damn these guys musta been paid a lot to do this shit lmao

  • Alias Christopher aquino

    this is so very creep me out

  • Stephen Susanto
    Stephen Susanto 18 hour ago


  • Daethel
    Daethel 19 hour ago

    the 3rd girl was soooo pretty omg

  • Astrocell
    Astrocell 20 hour ago

    Why is this in my recommended

  • Change The Way You Live

    Not a Homophobe but this video did reassure my sexuality and yes, I'm sure I'm straight

  • AsIGlo Forth
    AsIGlo Forth 21 hour ago

    They played this game well. lol the short guy was so cute trying to tip toe and reach for the kiss lol :D

  • sean vega
    sean vega 22 hour ago

    I would have been grossed out asf to be the last guy . No ones wants the sloppy seconds

  • Lashonda Malveaux
    Lashonda Malveaux 22 hour ago

    The dude with the spandex must love butt cuz' he touched everyones 😂

  • Juan Carlo dela vega
    Juan Carlo dela vega 23 hour ago


  • Robby Rodhiya
    Robby Rodhiya 23 hour ago

    grazy perform...

  • franzi juli
    franzi juli days ago

    It's funny how the whole stranger - group is matching with their clothes

  • Bryan Burrougs
    Bryan Burrougs days ago

    This is just proof black guys like the girls with fat ass

  • Ali Jaffery
    Ali Jaffery days ago


  • Dess DS
    Dess DS days ago

    It’s disgusting! 🤮

  • Paul Euler
    Paul Euler days ago +1

    Maze I literally vomited when the two dudes kissed each other

  • Paul Euler
    Paul Euler days ago +1


  • Chloey Pham
    Chloey Pham days ago

    How did these people not get herpes😬

  • Sonya Johnston
    Sonya Johnston days ago

    I loved it, I would never do it though 😂

  • ShannelSmakeuplooks

    This video is so weird lol

  • diaryoftaylor
    diaryoftaylor days ago

    wow this is cringe on some parts but respect for the people putting their selves out like this

  • Adrian Vloneboi
    Adrian Vloneboi days ago

    Where do I get to sign up for this?

  • Wired panther
    Wired panther days ago

    I’m out
    Not watching this again
    I am not turning back

  • ikram rohani
    ikram rohani days ago

    its so uncomfortable to see the guy kiss another guy

    YR BEATZ days ago

    Oh hell nah I woulda swung once a nigga touched me

  • Cody Ramsbottom
    Cody Ramsbottom days ago

    The girl with purplish hair is super cute